Hellcat Challenger 8th-Mile Comparison — Stock Tires Versus Drag Radials

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Multiple videos offer definitive evidence of drag radial tires’ supremacy to stock tires.

There aren’t many reasons to criticize the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, but the first thing that many owners change when they want to enjoy this modern Mopar muscle to its full potential is to add far stickier tires. The stock Pirelli tire is fine for everyday driving and it will bite hard enough to allow Hellcat owners to beat just about anything on the street, but the track is a different story.

Adding drag radial tires brings the Hellcat Dodge cars to life and to show just how much it helps, we have a pair of videos showing two different Challengers running down the 8th mile track.

The first video shows a Hellcat Challenger being driven by yours truly during a testing session at FCA’s Chelsea Proving Grounds. This car is 100% stock and as you can see, we are making 8th mile runs on an untreated strip of asphalt, so the surface isn’t as sticky as your average track. On the launch, you can hear how I was forced to play with the throttle to keep the tires from spinning, but even with this relatively soft launch, you can hear the tires screaming to break loose.

In the end, I ran a 7.80 at 96 miles per hour with the stock Hellcat Challenger.

This second video shows a Hellcat Challenger owned by someone named Jenny, and her supercharged Dodge is stock with the exception of drag radial tires. You can hear that she eases it out a bit as well, but she clearly gets into the power and away from the starting line in a much quicker fashion than the stock-tire car in the first video. Again, while the better surface helps, the key factor here is the drag radial tire setup on Jenny’s Challenger.

In the end of her run, she laid down an impressive 6.97 at 101 miles per hour.

The times tell the story, but in watching each video, you can hear and see how much harder Jenny’s Challenger gets out of the hole compared to my test car with the stock rubber.

Finally, here is another angle of Jenny’s 6.97 run from the side of the track, giving a better look at the run.

Longtime auto journalist Patrick Rall contributes to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Rennlist, Club Lexus, F-150 Online, and YotaTech.

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