Hellcat Challenger Burnout is a Touching Tribute to a Loved One

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The owner of this Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat says goodbye to his dad in true gearhead fashion.

Most of our featured burnout videos are just footage of someone roasting their tires for the sake of showing off, but the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is doing a burnout for a much more serious cause. The Challenger-owner’s father had recently passed away and he was a car lover, so to say goodbye in proper gearhead fashion, the son did a gigantic burnout in his Mopar muscle car.

Hellcat Challenger Tribute Burnout

Tim, His Dad and His Hellcat

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the video above is owned by a guy named Tim, who asked that his last name not be used. Tim’s dad, Darrell, passed away back in January, and one of the passions his father had passed onto his son was his love of muscle cars. Darrell was known by friends as “The Bandit” due to his Trans Am and his cowboy hat. It should also be noted that Tim bought this Hellcat in bright red because his mother spent some time driving a 1970 Plymouth Cuda in TorRed, so his car was somewhat of a tribute to his mom’s old muscle car.

While Darrell was a big Pontiac fan, he enjoyed the high-speed ride-alongs in Tim’s Hellcat, so at the funeral, Tim performed a sort of muscle car-owner’s version of the 21-gun salute.

Tribute Burnout

The video above comes from my own YouTube channel because Tim couldn’t get it to upload properly to his account, and it begins with the bright red Hellcat Challenger revving the engine while waiting to pull out onto the street. Once traffic clears, the 707-horsepower beast pulls out onto the road, stops and lets it rip.

Smoke instantly pours from the rear tires and as the Hellcat Challenger crepps forward, a cloud builds behind the car. For more than 300 feet, Tim roasts his rear tires – performing a burnout that would have surely made his dad smile.

Some people won’t understand doing a burnout to say goodbye to your father, but those muscle car lovers and gearheads in general who learned their love of performance cars from their dad will find this to be the perfect tribute to a fellow car fanatic.

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