Introducing the first TV ad for the 2013 Dodge Dart

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dodge dart tv ad screen shot.jpg

Tomorrow night during the 2012 Major League Baseball All
Star Game on Fox, the first television commercial for the all new 2013 Dodge
Dart will air but for those who don’t want to wait (or those who won’t be
watching the MLB All Star Game), the Chrysler Group has offered up an early
look online.  This 90 second television
spot is titled “How to Change Cars Forever” and it will introduce the US auto industry
to the new tagline accompanying the 2013 Dart – “New Rules”.

The first 2013 Dodge Dart TV commercial takes the process of
designing, engineering, producing, debuting, marketing and selling a new car.  The video begins with a fast talking narrator
running us through the early stages of design, offering a look at the earliest
sketches of the Dodge Dart.  We the get a
rapid fire breakdown of the steps that lead up to the formal debut of the new
car (in this case, the 2013 Dart), right down to picking a spokesman – which seemingly
happened to be Super Bowl XLVI-losing quarterback Tom Brady of the New England

This 90 second commercial is the first step in a large
broadcast media advertising campaign that will feature 30 and 60 second spots
on both the small screen and the big screen during movie trailers.  There will also be more to the campaign with
print and online ads arriving later this year – likely around the time that the
Dart R/T and Dart Aero arrive.

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