It’s Roll Back Season for the Viper!

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The Chrysler Corporation Employee Pricing system offers
great low prices to company employees, but that program has typically had its
exclusions, such as the Dodge Viper. 
However, with sales suffering in a rough economy, the sales of the
already slow selling Viper have gotten worst. 
Even though the Viper appears to be in its twilight hours with the end
of production already announced and an effort by Chrysler to sell the Viper program
to the highest bidder, Dodge has announced that it is now included in the
Employee Pricing Program.  This is great news for company employees who have an
uncertain job future, so its questionable how many of the company’s 130,000+
employees will jump on the deal. 

more exciting news, is that thanks to a recent deal between Chrysler and
Wal-Mart, the super store’s 1.2 million employees are also able to acquire a
new Dodge Viper at a low price.  The only
vehicle now excluded from the Employee Pricing Program is the ACR Viper, but
Dodge probably isn’t interested in unloading those limited edition models.


This announcement doesn’t come as a huge shock, considering
that recent sales would probably cause the Dodge reps to jump for joy anytime
anyone offers to take a Viper off their hands, but its still a good move by
Dodge if it increases sales in any way.

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