CarMax Scat Pack Challenger Suffers Wrath of Kid Mischief

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CarMax Carnage

Kids do the darndest things, like $800,000 worth of vehicle damage. 

A group of juveniles in Houston, Texas broke into a CarMax and caused over $800,000 worth of damages. The kids seemed to be playing the worst possible version of demolition derby. Among the cars wrecked in the not-very-joyful ride was a brand new Dodge Challenger. Ouch.

According to the Houston Chronicle, four unnamed juveniles broke into a CarMax after hours. After playing a very costly game of bumper cars, several cars were trashed, including a Dodge Challenger, Porsche, and a Ford Mustang. We’re assuming these kids will be grounded until their 40s.

CarMax Carnage

Police reported that the suspects stole car keys and drove the cars around the parking lot, crashing into other unsold vehicles. CarMax’s security company noted the activity on surveillance cameras and called police. The offenders were quickly apprehended.

“All four juveniles were arrested and booked into the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with 1st Degree Felony Criminal Mischief,” said Constable Mark Herman in an update posted on Facebook.

In addition to the costly damages, more than 20 “brand-new” vehicles were trashed.

Oh the humanity!

Photo: Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office

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