Instagram Spotlight: Lizzy Musi Is a Dodge-Racing Badass

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Lizzy Musi has every right to be a member of the ‘Bad Chicks Club!’

What did you do this weekend? Did you hand-detail your ride? Hit up Home Depot for some project supplies? Or did you simply crash on the couch and watch your favorite shows? Whatever it was, it wasn’t as cool as what Lizzy Musi was doing at the wheel of her Dodge Dart.

We at Dodge Forum often scour the internet for the hottest Dodge-related celebrities, coolest builds, and baddest social media profiles. The Instagram feed @lizzymusi fits all these categories, and then some. This beloved (and crazy successful) drag racer has over 42,000 followers!

While it’d be easy to assume that most follow Musi for her stunning physical appearance, it’s safe to say that she’s as talented as she is gorgeous — if not more. In her last race, the Professional Drag Race Association (PDRA) World Finals in Richmond, Virginia, she used a holeshot advantage to defeat two-time Pro Nitrous world champion, Tommy Franklin. Musi’s “King Kong 6” 2015 Dodge Dart ran a 3.686-second pass at 206.13 mph.

Without further ado, check out her photos and don’t forget to double-tap to like!

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