Marchionne Could Postpone Dodge Dart Production to Avoid Jinx

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2013 dodge dart gts tribute.JPGThe 2013 Dodge Dart is expected to be a major player in the
compact sedan segment and Chrysler has big hopes–enough so that company CEO
Sergio Marchionne is reportedly considering postponing the expected start of
production past the planned date of April 1st to “avoid being
jinxed”.  Marchionne made this comment
last week at the Geneva Motor Show, referring to the jinx that could hit the
car if production was to begin on April Fool’s Day.

It is unclear whether or not Sergio Marchionne was serious
about his comments to delay the start of 2013 Dodge Dart production, but with
the planned start date of April 1st falling on a Sunday – perhaps
the Chrysler boss will indeed hold off on the start of production until that
Monday, April 2nd.

Chrysler expects the 2013 Dodge Dart to help the company
succeed in the compact car segment–an area in which they haven’t really been
competitive since the Dodge Neon was killed off in the early 2000s.  While some people may find the superstition
to be silly, starting the production of such an important vehicle on a famously
unlucky day could bring upon some bad juju that the Dodge brand certainly
doesn’t need with this brand new vehicle.

Should production begin on April 1st after this
report, it can be expected that any problems with the 2013 Dodge Dart early on
will be blamed on a possible jinx from
production beginning on the unlucky day.

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