Mopar Muscle Thursday: 1500whp Viper Races 1550whp Lamborghini

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rsi tt viper 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday feature takes a look at a battle of modern supercars at the Texas Invitational Roll Racing event with a 1,500 horsepower Dodge Viper SRT10 going up against a 1,550 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo.  Both of these supercars have been fitted with an aftermarket twin turbo setup with the Viper calling upon help from an RSI kit while the Lambo packs a kit from Underground Racing.

The Texas Invitation Roll Race takes place on a 1,500 foot racing area preceded by a small “ramp up” area and a larger shut down area.  When the cars hit the actual racing area, they are going around 60 miles per hour side by side and during the course of the 1,500 foot racing area – both the twin turbocharged Viper and the twin turbocharged Lamborghini will see who can hit the higher top speed and in doing so, the faster car will cross the line first.

Now, based on the fact that the Lamborghini in the video has more stated horsepower and an advanced all wheel drive system to make the most of that power, some might guess that the Gallardo would make short work of the RSI twin turbo Viper.  However, when the two cars cross the finish line, the Viper had pulled out to a fairly substantial lead.  Most impressively, it looks as though the Viper was behind until a short distance before the finish line thanks to a bigger speed on the top end – a speed which comes courtesy of the fact that the Viper isn’t wasting power to turn all four wheels.

Both of these supercars sound as great as they look so make sure to have your speakers cranked up to hear the twin turbo Viper V10 and the twin turbo Lamborghini as they roar down the track!


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