Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: 426 powered 1st Gen Dakota Takes on the 8th mile

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426 dakota 600

The Dodge Dakota was the model that introduced the market to the compact V8 powered sport truck and while the Dakota was the fastest truck in the segment in stock form – the owner of this drag racing 1st gen Dakota took the performance measures one step further.  This Dakota is powered by a 426 cubic inch stroker engine and while we don’t know anything about the engine itself, we know that a 7.83 in the 8th mile on a break-in run is mighty impressive.

For those who are unsure, a 7.83 8th mile would convert to a quarter mile pass in the very low 12 second range for this 1st generation Dodge Dakota and in looking through this user’s YouTube account, there is also a video of the truck running a 7.60 8th mile which means that this is a legitimate 11 second truck.  Since the information doesn’t go into any detail beyond the fact that this is a 426 cubic inch stroker,we are going to have to guess that this is either a 318 or 360 with a monster stroke and that equals monster power – enough power to make this one truckin’ fast Dodge pickup.


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