Mopar Muscle Thursdays: The Dodge Tomahawk and the Dodge Viper

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tomahwk viper side by side 600

When you talk about Modern Mopar Muscle, there is no way that the Dodge Viper can be excluded so when you combined a Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster with the incredible Viper powered V10 Dodge Tomahawk – it really can’t get much more Mopar Muscular than that.  This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursdays feature is a short segment copied from Discovery HD Theater that highlights these two awesome works of automotive art side by side on a big open tarmac.

Now, the original piece on Discovery HD Theater aired several years ago so there is a good chance that you caught the program (I think that it may have been Modern Marvels?  It is the same guy doing the voiceover) but it is a great, short piece quickly detailing the Tomahawk.  Plus, is there really a limit on how many times you can watch a short video talking about a 500 horsepower Viper engine in a bike?  I don’t think so.

The video explains that the Viper and Tomahawk are similar in the V10 engine, the fact that they have four wheels and the level of testosterone oozing from each.  They also acknowledge that this four wheel, Viper V10 powered motorcycle is theoretically capable of reaching a top speed of 400 miles per hour.  Finally, the video talks about how there has not been a Viper versus Tomahawk drag race…then showing the two in an area that would allow them to race …only to end the video by showing the two taking turns surging ahead.  No race…but still awesome to watch.  Right around the 1 minute mark, the rider of the Tomahawk guns it – showing how quickly this little monster gets up and goes.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture…it is a screen shot from the video)

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