Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Very Possibly the Greatest Caravan Burnout Ever

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96 turbo caravan burnout 600

In the high performance Mopar universe the Dodge Caravan is probably one of the least respected vehicles but with the help of a Neon SRT4 engine and a massive turbocharger – this particular Caravan puts on one of the greatest smoke shows that I have ever seen from something that wasn’t an NHRA drag car.

The information on this video is slim but it provides all of the essentials – a 1996 Dodge Caravan powered by the Neon SRT4 2.4L 4-cylinder engine fitted with a Turbonetics 72mm turbocharger offering up 35psi of boost and an automatic transmission.  The video begins by the turbocharged minivan backing out onto the road and around 21 seconds into the video, we hear the Caravan’s engine begin to work.  While some might think that the vehicle is failing to spin the tires, the driver is actually easing into the powerband and allowing the massive turbo a chance to spool up.

It takes some 13 seconds to spool up the turbo but when the driver lets it rip – rip it does.  There is doing a burnout and then there is totally obliterating the tires and this Dodge Caravan is definitely doing the latter.  For a minivan to sit and smoke the tires this much would be an impressive feat but for this Caravan to roll forward and pick up speed as it destroys the front tires – it is nothing less than awe inspiring.

While a high performance Dodge Caravan might not be everyone’s ideal performance vehicle…there is no question that this is one of the best burnout videos ever both because of the intensity of the burnout and the fact that this is still a 199 Caravan.  Talk about a sleeper!

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