Mopar Muscle Thursdays: Viper GTS makes 1,546 horsepower

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weaver viper dyno still 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursdays feature video is an oldie but a goodie – showing an Underground Racing built 2g Dodge Viper GTS laying down an incredible 1,546 horsepower on the dyno.  This Viper, then owned by a very lucky (and likely very wealthy) individual named Garth Weaver, packs a twin turbo setup that allows the street legal Mopar supercar to pack over 50% more power at the wheels than the Bugatti Veyron.

A quick search of the intrawebz revealed plenty of information on this Underground Racing-built Viper including the fact that it makes good use of all of that power, running well into the 7 second quarter mile range with trap speeds nearing 200 miles per hour. The standard 8.0L V10 has been worked to 8.4 liters with almost everything in the engine and fuel system upgraded to both make – and handle – the 1,500+ horsepower load. Amazingly, the stock transmission is able to handle all of that power but the stock clutch has been upgraded to a high performance unit. When run on pump gas, this Viper is able to make a whopping 1,146 horsepower but when the tank is filled with high octane C16 race fuel, Weaver’s Viper churns out a stunning 1,546 horsepower AT THE WHEELS.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this look at one of the world’s most powerful street driven Vipers putting down huge numbers on the Underground Racing dyno.

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