Mopar Muscle Tuesday: Check Out This 1500hp Twin Turbo Dodge Viper

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mmt 1500hp viper 600

The internet is packed full of videos of ultra high horsepower vehicles but there is just something magical about a 1,500 horsepower Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe.  No information is offered on what all was done to this Viper to bump the power from 600 to 1,500 shy of the twin turbo setup but a look under the hood shows that there is definitely some serious work done to this monster V10 supercar.

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t show the twin turbocharged Dodge Viper SRT10 in action anywhere other than in a parking lot so we really don’t get to see much of this Viper flexing its muscles but the few short blasts through the parking lot – and the effortless spinning of the tires that ensues – gives us just a quick taste of what this Mopar supercar is capable of with all of that power.  Even though there is no open road footage, the videographer appears to be using a heli-cam of some sort that allows them to catch some unique footage of this twin turbo Viper speeding away from the camera.

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