Tech Thread Spotlight: Dodge Caliber Alternator Pulley Fix

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2009 dodge caliber 600

Now that the Dodge Caliber has been out of production for a couple years and the older units are going on 6 or 7 years old now, we are seeing more and more of them turn up in the used car market.  Fortunately for new-to-them car shoppers, the lack of popularity around the Caliber has caused the resale value to be relatively low so as these cars arrive in used car lots and online for-sale posts – those looking for an affordable used small car with lots of passenger and cargo space might find themselves considering a Caliber.

In addition to all of the “normal” wear and tear items in a used vehicle that a buyer needs to beware of, the Dodge Caliber had an alternator pulley that required regular maintenance and replacement just like brake pads or tires.  In some cases, Caliber owners might be lead to believe (by a money grubbing mechanic or dealership) that they need to replace the entire alternator to address the pulley issue but we have a thread here on DodgeForum that details how you can replace the pulley without replacing the alternator – a move which can save owners quite a bit of money.  Best of all, this short thread also has a quick DIY post explaining how you can replace the pulley on your own so if you have some mechanical know how, you can save yourself even more money by doing the work on your own!

Click here to have a look at the thread explaining the Caliber’s alternator pulley setup and how to change it!

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