Mopar’s Lil Red Express Concept packs turbo Hemi power

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Among the large indoor Mopar display at the 2012 SEMA Show
in Las Vegas was the awesome Lil Red Express Truck Concept – wearing a vintage
sport truck look but packing a far more powerful engine than the Little Red
Express of the late 1970s.  Granted, the aftermarket
turbo package is an unfortunately clear message that this Mopar concept isn’t
headed for production any time soon but that doesn’t make this old school
themed sport truck any less cool.


The ultimate goal of the Little Red Express Truck by Mopar
is to feature some items currently offered for the Ram 1500 lineup beginning
including the Sport Performance Hood (PN 82211065AF), some bright brushed 22″
aluminum wheels with gold inserts and a unique Katzkin leather seats.  This new Lil Red Express Concept also sports
the wooden inlay bed surface, wooden bedside rails, Hyperblack grille inserts, a
set of concept smoke stacks and the gold decals that have their own unique look
compared to the old trucks while still obviously drawing the inspiration from
the Lil Red Express of 1978 and 1979. 

Unfortunately, the placard accompanying the super cool Lil
Red Express Concept show truck seemed to exclude a great many features,
including the addition of the Jeep SRT8-style driving lights mounted in the
middle of the front fascia, a low sporty chin spoiler and – most importantly –
a Banks Sidewinder turbocharger package for the 5.7L Hemi V8.  Since Mopar didn’t address the turbo setup
(shown below), we do not have any idea how much power this forced induction
system adds but figure that if the Banks kit shoved 6-7psi into the 390hp, 5.7L
Hemi V8 – it could pack somewhere in the area of 550 horsepower.  Then again, the lack of information could
mean that this 5.7L Hemi is massively built with 20 pounds of boost that could
result in a power output in the area of 1,000 horsepower…although the lower
number is far more likely.


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