Muddy Monday: 1g Dodge Durango Tackles the Swap

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durango swamp 600

This week’s Muddy Monday clip takes a look at a 1st gen Dodge Durango that looks to be pretty much stock driving through a swampy area that has mud and water intertwined with tree growth. Even with what looks to be the stock tires and a stock ride height, this 1st gen Durango has no problem making its way through the murky waters.

We have seen plenty of hard charging Dodge Durango SUVs on Muddy Monday, but the vast majority of them are modified to face even the deepest slop. This Durango, however, appears to be relatively stock right down to the tires as it eases into the muddy water of this random swampy area. At first, the driver takes his time easing between the trees, but after making his way to the far bank for the first time, he begins pushing through the water hard enough to get water running up over the grille. The mud isnt as significant as it is in other clips here on DodgeForum, but the deep water makes this Durango well worthy of being featured as part of our Muddy Monday segment!

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