Muddy Monday: 3g Dodge Dakota Pulls Ford F150 Out of the Mud

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dakota pulls f150 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at a 3rd gen Dodge Dakota with a bed full of camping gear (and a kayak) working to pull a 1997-2003 Ford F150 out of the mud after flash flooding.  It is clear that the Dakota at work here is nowhere near as muddy as most of the trucks shown on our Monday feature, but I don’t think that we need a whole lot of mud to appreciate watching a loaded down 3g Dakota pulling out a full size Ford pickup.

The description for this video is pretty vague, but it is clear that this 10th gen Ford F150 is in a sticky situation.  From the ride height of this Ford, I am guessing that it is a 2WD model and it looks as though the flash flooding mentioned in the description has made the dirt road on which it is traveling too soft to traverse.  Fortunately, this four wheel drive Dodge Dakota rolls up and it happy to lend a hand.  This video shows a good deed being done by one truck owner onto another – but it also allows DFers a chance to enjoy watching Ford’s mighty F150 rely on a much smaller Dodge Dakota to free it from what looks to be some pretty minor mud.

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