Muddy Monday: How to Bury a Dodge Neon in Mud – In Style

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dodge neon slams into water 600

Most of our Muddy Monday features show a Dodge Ram, Dakota or Durango conquering the mud in dramatic fashion and while this week’s clip has a Dodge in the mud – it is far from conquering the situation. The problem is that the Dodge charging into the mud this week is a Dodge Neon. Not a Neon body on a truck chassis and not even a Neon that has been jacked up by means of some American ingenuity…just a regular looking first gen Dodge Neon that is driven at fairly high speeds into an incredibly deep mud bog pit.

Now I should point out that this Dodge neon has been fitted with a snorkel that has the engine intake air coming from the roof rather than from behind the headlights, but that simple modification doesn’t make much of a difference when this compact sedan slams into mud and water that appears to be at least a couple feet deep in points. As you might imagine, the result of driving a Neon into a deep body of water at high speed doesn’t end well – but it is still fun to watch over and over. Admit it…you think that this looks like fun…provided that you didn’t have to worry about killing your own car.

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