Cool Thread of the Day: 3rd Gen Dodge Ram Engine Poll

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Are you shopping for a used Dodge Ram from the 2002-2008 and you arent sure which engine is the best option? Maybe you already own one of these third generation Dodge Rams and you are just curious about what many of the other DFers with similar trucks are packing under the hood. In either case, we have a great thread in the 3rd gen Ram section where members are invited to vote on the poll as to which engine they have in their Dodge truck.

This poll has been running for quite a while and we have had 650 Dodge Ram owners check the box for which engine they have and among that group, more than half (57% to be exact) have the 5.7L Hemi. 27% of the owners who have voted have the 4.7L Hemi and a little more than 7% have the older 5.8L Magnum V8 – meaning that of those owners polled, 91% own V8 Ram trucks.

If you have a 3rd gen Dodge Ram and you haven’t voted in the engine poll, click here to head to the thread to do so now and if you are shopping and you want to see which engines are the most common – with 6 pages of discussion about the available engines – this is the thread for you!

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