Muddy Monday: Ram Mud Bogging Action in High Res, Slow Mo

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1st gen ram ss mud truck 600

This week’s Muddy Monday segment features a pair of super stock mud bogger Dodge Ram pickups with all of the action shot from far away on a GoPro and then in close up, high definition and slow motion. The footage of these two Ram trucks ripping through the thick, sloppy mud would be cool if caught by a normal camera, but the person filming these two trucks has put the runs into slow motion to show every bit of mud slighin’ action as frame by frame, high res goodness.

Each clip of the two Dodge Ram super stock trucks racing through the mud is first shown by a GoPro, which doesn’t zoom in at all and due to the wide angle lens of that small camera, we can see the digital SLR camera below while also giving us a chance to hear the Mopar V8 engines roar. We then get to see the Ram mudding footage captured on that high quality camera up close and person, with slow motion giving us the best look possible.

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