Muddy Monday: Stock Durango Tears Up the Offroad Course

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durango dirt course 600

The Dodge Durango doesn’t get as much respect in the offroading world as its Jeep cousins but this week’s Muddy Monday shows the 1st gen Durango in some competitive offroading action in stock form – showing just how well this powerful sport ute can handle rough conditions.  We don’t know anything about this Durango shy of the fact that it is supposed to be stock and based on the ride height and amount of bounce in the suspension towards the end, I’m inclined to believe that it is indeed stock.

Sure, there might be other vehicles that would tear through this course quicker or with less bottoming out than this 1st gen Dodge Durango but considering that this vehicle 10-15 years old and it is relying on stock suspension, wheels and tires – this Durango shows that this nameplate deserves plenty of respect in the offroading world.  Watching a Durango participate in what appears to be the offroading equivalent of autocross is a testament to this old school SUV’s offroad capabilities.  Enjoy!


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