Tech Thread Spotlight: Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Explained

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For several years now, new vehicles sold in the United States have been equipped with a built in tire pressure monitoring system but it seems that very few people understand how these systems work.  Fortunately, site sponsor had a representative post some simple details of how these monitoring systems work and whether or not that will have an impact on your ability to swap to aftermarket wheels – and still have the system work.

This thread is a bit aged and I would guess that the dates pertaining to which vehicles TireRack can service have changed but for those who wonder just how their vehicle keeps track of how much air is in each tire, this thread offers up a very brief explanation of how they work and what these systems mean when replacing the stock wheels with custom rollers.

Click here to check out the Tire Pressure Monitoring System thread that was posted by a representative of DF sponsor TireRack.

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