Muddy Monday: Yahtzee Dodge Ram in Action Once Again

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yahtzee ram 2 600

A couple of weeks back we looked at a 2nd gen Dodge Ram storming through the mud with the word “Yahtzee painted across the tailgate and this week, we have another video featuring that high riding Ram in action – this time in a longer, more impressive video. This time, we get to see the jacked up Cummins Ram roaring all over a large, open area that offers tons of deep, muddy obstacles for the trucks to overcome and, not surprisingly, this monster Dodge Ram takes them all in stride.

This video shows the Yahtzee Dodge Ram digging through deep, muddy water, blasting through shallower mud and popping over a collection of small jumps – or jumps that look small compared to this monstrous Dodge Ram. In the world of mud boggin’ this Ram looks to be one of the more capable Dodge trucks that I have seen and with this video being fairly new, we could see more of the Yahtzee Ram in the future. In the meantime, crank up your speakers so that you can hear the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine roar and enjoy!

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