Muddy Mondays: 1st Gen Durango Gets Stuck

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durango mud stuck 600

This week’s Muddy Monday clip features a stock1st generation Dodge Durango attacking an increasingly more treacherous offroading area that proves to be a bit much for this factory issued sport utility vehicle.  Unfortunately, the video ends before we get to see whether the driver was able to dig out but the early stages show just how capable these original Durangos were as it trudged through mud that is worse than the average driver will ever encounter.

Things start off well as the Durango storms through the shallower mud and manages to dig its way through the slightly deeper mud with a few seconds of tire spinning but as our hero nears the end of this muddy patch – things get a bit too deep for the original Durango.  It looks like he is only inches from hitting dry land but when the driver swerves back to the right and into the deeper mud, the Durango noses down and is stuck.  Oddly, when the cameraman walks up to the stuck Durango, the left rear tire isnt in all that deep of mud but it proved to be more than this stock Dodge SUV could handle.


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