Muddy Mondays: 2nd Gen Dodge Ram CTS Tackles the Gravel Pit

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ctd ram gravel mud 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at a 2nd gen Dodge Ram 2500 powered by the mighty Cummins Turbo Diesel engine as it tackles a watery mud hole in the middle of a very rough looking gravel pit. The steep terrain around the mud pit would make it impossible for many trucks to even get down to the slop but the big off road tires and the lift kit allow this Ram to ease down the steep, rocky banks into the murky, muddy water.

After gradually working its way through the mud from right to left, this Ram climbs the far bank, turns around and then attacks the mud in the opposite direction.  For those 4×4 Ram owners with enough work done to face the highs and lows of this gravel pit area, this looks like one amazing offroading playground and after working through the muddy water both ways, we get a quick look at this Cummins Ram climbing around in a dry area of the same gravel pit and – once again – this Dodge makes short work of the hill that would leave a stock truck hung up on the frame.

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