Muddy Mondays: 3rd Gen Ram 2500 Slings Mud for 5 Minutes

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muddy monday russian ram 2500 600

One of the fun parts of offroading is getting stuck and working to dig your way out but that comes with the risk of getting too stuck to get out on your own – which is what appears to be happening to the 3rd gen Ram 2500 in action in this video.  This Ram HD is in a trench that looks to be almost up to the axles and due to the lay of the land – the Cummins-powered Dodge truck is forced to do a whole lot of back and forth action to try to get out.  Early on, the driver gets very close a few times but the Ram ends up backing up to get another run.  Will he get out on his own?  Watch the video to find out!

As a warning, there is some questionable language in this video plus lots of non-English that could be all profanity for all I know so I would recommend watching this clip in the privacy of your home or office as it might be offensive to people who speak whatever language is featured in this video.  However, the fun of watching this Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel dig through this tremendously deep mud is just as great with the sound muted.


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