Tire Shredding Tuesdays: 1970 Dodge D100 Destroys Tires with Big Block Power

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70 dodge truck buyrnout 600

This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday feature takes a look at a 1970 Dodge D100 pickup powered by a 350 horsepower 440 cubic inch big block V8 that is destroying its tires in fantastic fashion.  Details beyond the year, model and engine specs are nonexistent but based on the wording at the beginning of the video – we would guess that this was captured somewhere outside of the United States.

In addition to some long, smokey burnouts, the video of this dark blue and black 1970 Dodge D100 destroying its tires includes lots of side to side drifting action that result in a literal shredding of the rear tires…which we get to see in the final seconds of the video.  While there are plenty of burnout and drifting videos available online, very few show classic Dodge trucks killing the tires and even fewer contain such a great looking example of an old school pickup.  Best of all, the video is pretty well put together with a “lead camera” setup and great sound quality so this Dodge truck burnout video provides as much for ears as it does the eyes.  Enjoy!

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