Muddy Mondays: 4th gen Ram Gets Down and Dirty in Deep Mud

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2013 ram deep mud 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature looks at a 2013 Ram 1500 that is described as being “brand new” in some deep, muddy water that would definitely not be on the list of places I wanted to take a brand new truck…even if it was a Chevy.  In fact, the muddy water is so deep that is up above the bottom of the doors and over the top of the tires of this Hemi Ram so hopefully the door seals were nice and tight – otherwise the gorgeous interior of this new Ram pickup might have gotten wet.

We don’t know how new this Ram is or what is done to the truck but when he pulls the rig up out of the slop, it looks as though this Ram 1500 is sitting a bit higher than stock with what appears to be aftermarket rims and tires.  Even with this higher ride height, this Ram is up to the middle of the doors in mud and water which – when combined with the mudslinging at the end of the video – makes this Ram well worthy of being featured on Muddy Monday.

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