Question of the Week: Would you prefer a V6 Dodge Dart?

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2013 Dodge Dart GT

Last week we talked about the rumors that the Chrysler engineers were considering a Pentastar V6 for the Dodge Dart as that would unquestionably solve the complaints about the need for more power.  That extra power could come with some downsides like the car weighing more, costing more or getting worse fuel economy but the added power could outweigh the downsides – especially with those who want a more exciting Dart from a driver’s perspective.  This discussion about a Pentastar powered Dodge Dart brings us to our question of the week.

Would you be more inclined to buy a Dodge Dart with a Pentastar V6?

Provided that Dodge introduced a Dart with a Pentastar V6 with at least 250 horsepower while not offering much worse fuel economy than the current 4-cylinder lineup, would you consider the Dart more heavily given the fact that it would also likely be the most expensive model in the range?  Would a 250hp Dart with a base price around $22,000 be of more interest to you than the current top of the line Dart GT that starts around $21,000?

Click here to head into the forum to tell us whether you would prefer a Pentastar V6 powered Dodge Dart.

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