Muddy Mondays: Batman’s Dodge Durango Soars Through the Dirt Course

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batman durango racing offroad 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature looks at a 1st generation Dodge Durango racing through a dirt course with an interesting Batman livery – although I have to think that Bruce Wayne would have a little nicer Durango if he did indeed drive a Dodge SUV.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the bright yellow Batman logos painted on the sides and the huge bat style wings bolted to the roof (and the large air intake sticking through the hood (or maybe bolted to the hood) but based on Batman’s vehicles in recent movies – his Durango would probably be armored and offer much better performance…and maybe have some sort of rocket booster setup.

In any case, this video of what appears to be a very dressed up near-stock 1st generation Dodge Durango scurrying around the short dirt course offers a great look of what this old school SUV is capable of – although some of his appearance mods fall off when he slams down on the backside of the final jump.  Ultimately, it is fun to watch someone race around this track in the Durango even though the announcer indicates that he may not be turning in the best time.


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