Muddy Mondays: Check Out This Amazing Offroading Dodge Neon

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amazing offroad neon 600

It isnt uncommon to see the Dodge Neon drag racing, road racing or autocrossing but this week’s Muddy Monday features a Neon that has been modified to play in the mud alongside 4 wheel drive trucks.  This Neon has been fitted with a set of ATV tires that allow it to dig through the dirt and mud with the greatest of ease while a snorkel that comes through the driver’s side front fender allow it to breathe when it gets into the deep slop.

In addition to the snorkel and the big tires, this Dodge Neon has obviously had some work done to the wheel openings to allow these big mud tires plenty of room to move along with a shortened front fascia and a pretty awesome Advance Auto Parts rear wing.  Whether you are a drag racer who has never considering playing in the mud with your vehicle or if you are a devout offroader – there is no denying that it is fun to watch this little Neon ripping its way through the dirt and mud.

This Dodge Neon also sounds like it has some exhaust work and the sound is part of the fun so make sure to crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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