Muddy Mondays: Lil Red Express Ram Tears Up the Mud Bog

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lil red express mud truck 600

The Lil Red Express Dodge Ram was an on-road performance truck well before on-road performance trucks were really a consideration in the segment. These trucks followed in the footsteps of the earlier Dodge Dude pickups and the Lil Red Express took performance to the next level with a great deal of success. However, very few Lil Red Ram trucks look anything like that one in the newest Muddy Monday feature. As you can see, this Ram has a monster lift kit, huge tires and based on the sound – quite a bit more engine than the basic 360 that powered the production trucks. The result is one of the baddest Lil Red Express trucks that I have seen…one which is capable of taking on an incredibly deep mud pit.

As this lengthy mud boggin’ video goes on, we sadly see that our hero truck is hooked up to one of the several tractors that have been deployed to free the stuck trucks from the mud. Of course, it took quite some time and quite a bit of abuse to the mud pit before this Lil Red Express Dodge Ram had found mud deep enough to get it stuck and in the long run – if you don’t ever get stuck, you aren’t pushing your truck far enough.

In any case, this jacked up Lil Red Express Dodge Ram sounds just as awesome as it looks and performs to make sure to have your speakers cranked up to get the full effect of this beastly Ram in action.

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