Muddy Mondays: How Much Can Your Ram Get by Hitting the Mud Once?

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fast moving ram mud 600

The odds are good that most of our Ram owners here at DodgeForum who head into the mud come out a while later with mud slung into every little nook and cranny on the truck from top to bottom.  A day spent playing in the mud can turn any truck into a mud coated rolling trophy to commemorate an exciting day off road, but have you ever wondered how muddy you can get your Ram by just charging through one serious mud puddle one time?

If so, you are in luck as this week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at a 3rd gen Ram 1500 hitting a deep, sloppy mud puddle with enough speed to send mud flying into the air three times the height of the truck in action.  This sends mud towards the heavens and through the trees but it also coats this Ram is a serious coating of mud.  The video is short and sweet, but it is awesome to see just how muddy this truck gets from blasting through the deep mud.


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