Muddy Mondays: Ram 1500 Monster Mud Truck is Awesome

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ram 1500 monster truck 600

While there may not be many components of the truck shown in the video below that came on a 2nd gen Ram 1500 RCSB, this is one cool looking competition mud truck up to its axles in the pit.  While there is plenty of mud in this video, the truck in action doesn’t get all that muddy but when you consider the fact that this truck is slinging mud 25 feet into the air – it seems like a fitting piece for our Muddy Mondays feature.

Before you watch this video of a Dodge Ram 1500 monster truck in the mud, I should let you know that the action doesn’t actually begin until roughly the 48 second mark.  Prior to that, we see the truck carefully staging for its run before being given the green flag to go and from the looks of the video – this run was a success for the Ram and both the crowd and the event announcer seem very impressed.  The big Ram ripped through the pit in just 9 seconds with the big block Mopar roaring all the way so make sure to crank up your speakers as you watch this purpose built mud truck in action!


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