Question of the Week: Should There Be a Low Cost V8 Viper?

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viper and challeger srt8 core

Since the V10 powered Dodge Viper was introduced back in the early 1990s, there have been people wishing that they could afford one.  That desire for an affordable Viper has spawned endless pleas and rumors by enthusiasts that the company was working on a lower priced Viper packing a V8 engine.  This car would, in theory, compete with the base model Chevrolet Corvette and if powered by the 6.4L Hemi V8 used in the rest of the current Street and Racing Technology line, it would have a slight advantage in power over the 2014 Corvette base model.

This car would most likely sell like crazy even though most of the people clamoring for a Viper that doesn’t cost $100k probably also couldn’t afford a Viper that costs $58k but there is no question that a 2-seater sports car based on the Viper platform (even with a unique look and different name) would steal at least a little business from the Corvette.  The up-side to this idea is that it would allow Chrysler to cut into GM’s fun with the base Corvette while also offering the Mopar faithful a performance car to fill the gap between the 470hp, $45,000 Challenger SRT8 and the 640hp, $100,000 SRT Viper.  The downside to this idea is that it would substantially cut into the exclusivity of the Viper…unless the company gave this Hemi-powered a unique look and a name of its own.  There is also a chance that some of those people who were going to buy a $100,000 SRT Viper opt instead for the Hemi-powered supercar for $60,000 but realistically, I don’t imagine that GM worries about losing ZR1 sales to the base Corvette.

So what do you think?  Should there be a lower cost Hemi-powered sports car based on the Viper?  Should it be a trimline of the Viper or should it have a different look and name?  Click here to head into the forums to give your two cents!

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