Muddy Mondays: Ram mud truck gets really, really stuck

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muddy ram stuck in water 600

Typically, our Muddy Mondays video shows a Dodge or Ram pickup (or SUV or in some cases- even a jacked up classic Charger) conquering a massive mud pit.  This is not one of those videos.  This week’s Muddy Monday clip shows what happens when mudding goes wrong… very wrong.

Even though the 3rd gen Ram is obviously heavily modified to deal with the worst terrain possible, the high riding Dodge truck meets its match in the form of this deep mud pit.  Things seem to be going according to plan at first, as the truck storms into the water and appears to be climbing back up the far bank but then gets stuck. As the driver attempts to dig himself out, he ends up just digging trenches under the water which effectively swallow up the big Ram. After spending some time trying to climb out on his own, he has no choice but to call on the help of another big truck out playing in the mud. When that gigantic Ford isn’t able to get enough traction to pull out the Ram, a 2nd gen Ram comes to the rescue to pull the front of the Ford while the Ford pulls the Ram stuck in the mud; but even that doesn’t work when the 2nd gen Ram breaks a transfer case.

So what do you do when a Ford and a Dodge cant pull you out of the mud? You get a pair of older Chevy trucks to try to do the same. When that doesn’t work, you hook a Ford up to the front of those two Chevys that are hooked to the Ram stuck in the mud… but even with three huge trucks tugging away – our hero remains buried in the mud (which seems to progressively sink more and more as time goes on). After rallying the troops on the near side bank, a Chevy, a GMC and a Ford all hook up to pull the 3rd gen Ram from the mud and after 5 minutes of video showing the Ram helplessly stuck in the mud, he is finally pulled out of the mud from the same direction he originally started.

While it is no fun to watch two GM trucks and an old Ford truck come to the rescue of the Ram, this video is a fine piece of evidence that even the best built mud trucks can run into a pit that they cannot conquer.

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