Muddy Mondays: Ram Offroading 1st Person Footage

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gopro ram offroading 600

While the majority of our Muddy Monday videos look at a Ram or some other Chrysler Group product playing in the mud from an outside perspective, this week’s feature takes a 1st person approach at watching a Ram truck getting good and dirty.  We don’t know anything about the truck in action shy of the fact that it is a 2nd generation Dodge Ram 2500 with a GoPro mounted on the roof for an interesting perspective of the offroading experience.

Unfortunately, a couple minutes into the video the Ram is running behind a Chevy truck that flings mud onto the GoPro lens but we can still see through the mess to watch this Dodge truck tear through the mud and water for the final few minutes…it’s just not quite as clear.  However, the mud splashed on the camera makes the whole 1st person experience that much more realistic.  We cannot see how muddy the outside of this 2g Ram gets while digging through the slop but the level of mud that ends up on the hood, windshield and camera show that this truck was almost certainly muddy enough to be featured on DodgeForum’s Muddy Monday.


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