Muddy Mondays Ramcharger Conquers the Mud Hole

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ramcharger mud 600

It has been many moons since the Chrysler Group has offered an SUV as rugged as the Ramcharger and in this week’s Muddy Monday feature video – we watch what looks to be an early 80s RC digging through a sloppy flooded trail.  Not only does this Ramcharger effortlessly tear through the mud and water but thanks to a set of straight pipes on a 360 cubic inch V8, it sounds great in action.  Of course, that is after the truck stalls a few seconds into the video but we wont hold that against him.  You really have to wonder why he didn’t edit that part out but it really doesn’t take much away from the video and the mudding action.

The mixture of thick mud and deep water being slung around is deep enough to nearly touch the rockers of this lifted Dodge Ramcharger and judging by the damage to the truck along the driver’s side, I would guess that this isnt the first time that this old school SUV has tackled some serious mud.  The camera person is even kind enough to yell “crunch” at one point when the Ramcharger runs up onto the bank and gets awfully close to a tree before backing back into the water and making a big run out of the hole.  Even though our hero looks to be stuck as he is almost out of the water, some crafty wheel work allows this Ramcharger to climb to safety…and more mud.


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