Muddy Mondays: Ramcharger monster truck blows motor – keeps on muddin’

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ramcharger in deep mud

We all know how tough Dodge trucks are but this week’s Muddy Mondays segment shows that they are unstoppable – even when faced with drastic mechanical failure. This super modified Ramcharger digs through the mud for several minutes and after the first few minutes, the constant high RPMs proved to be too much for the mighty Mopar engine. Smoke and/or steam pours from the grille and the front wheel wells as the truck seems to stall – leaving us expecting that a blown motor will require a tow to get out of the deep mud pit. They even went so far as to get a big Ford Super Duty all lined up with a tow rope but the driver of the driver or our hero Ramcharger was able to not only get the wounded Ram up and running but he was able to dig all of the way out of the mud pit.

We don’t know exactly what happened to cause all of the smoke/steam that pours from the Ramcharger around the 1 minute mark of the video but in the comments, someone claiming to be the driver’s dad states that he only had to change the oil, coolant, plugs and wires and he was back to playing in the mud while the person who posted the video said that it overheated. However, there had to have been some sort of failure for all of the smoke and/or steam but even with all of that fuss – the Ramcharger used the will of Ma Mopar to get up out of the deep mud.

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