Muddy Mondays: Watch a 12yo Kid Tear it up in Dad’s Cummins Ram

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12yo ram mudder 600

There is a good chance that many of the guys reading this were playing in the mud when they were 12 years old but they weren’t doing it quite like Michael Overstreet – a 12 year old (who I struggle to call a boy considering his driving skills) who is shown in the video below driving his dad’s monster Cummins powered Ram in some seriously deep mud and water.  I would like to say that at 12 years old I would have gladly taken the controls of a heavily modified Cummins Ram like the beastly Dodge in this week’s video feature but the odds are good that I couldn’t have done anywhere near as well as Michael.

Now I should point out that this Ram does get stuck and rarely do we feature Dodge Ram trucks getting stuck on Muddy Monday but considering that this truck is driven by a 12 year old kid, this video was too good to pass up.  The worst part is that a Chevy S10 (that is very obviously even more heavily modified than the Ram that is the star of the video) is called upon to pull the Cummins Dodge out of the deep mud pit but right after the Ram is pulled free of the slop, we see the Chevy struggle to get over the next muddy rise.  On the other hand, young Michael is able to power this nasty Ram over that hill with no problem before the video ends.

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