Cool Thread of the Day: 2g Ram Members Posting Rock Auto Discount Codes

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2g ram lowered

The odds are good that if you work on your Dodge car or truck, you have checked the Rock Auto website at least once and while they have prices that are about as good as they get – our 2g Ram section has a long running thread that is regularly updated with the most recent Rock Auto discount code.  I’m not sure how much of a discount each of these codes can get you but if you are in the process of buying anything large or small for your Ram, our 2g Rock Auto discount code could save you a couple bucks.

Right now, the Rock Auto discount thread in the 2g Dodge Ram section has five current discount codes with one of them specifying that it will save you 5%…so while it isn’t much, 5% saved is better than full price – especially at Rock Auto where everything is already so inexpensive relative to the competition.  The best thing is that this code is beneficial for all of the DF members whether they are working on a 1972 Demon or a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 so regardless of what you drive – this is a thread that you should book mark!

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