Muddy Mondays: Watch a Truly Muddy 2g Ram Cook a Transmission

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muddy mondays really muddy ram 600

As our Muddy Mondays feature videos go – it doesn’t get much muddier than the 2nd generation Ram 1500 shown in action in this week’s video.  This video starts with the truck already soundly buried in the mud with the truck covered…and I mean COVERED…in mud.

This Ram 1500 tries and tries to get moving forward on this deep, swampy road but when all else fails – he starts digging through the slop in reverse.  Remarkably, backing out of the mud works much better than forward motion but the beating that this truck takes in the high revving action proves to be too much for the transmission.  At the end of the video (and during some mid portions, to a lesser extent), we can see smoke coming from under the middle of the truck as the transmission begins to spray fluid onto the hot exhaust.  However, even with this gradual transmission failure the Ram featured in this video is able to dig out of the mud.

Gearbox carnage aside, this is one incredible clip of a Dodge Ram partaking in some serious mudding action and the mud-coated results make this video worthy of being featured here on  There is pretty solid sound included with this video but I will warn you that there is some not-safe-for-work-or-kids language at the end of the video as the onlookers revel in this Ram’s mudding glory.


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