Question of the Week: What should the Dodge Avenger Replacement be called?

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We learned last week that when the next generation of the Chrysler 200 is unveiled, there will be a new midsized Dodge that will effectively replace what we know as the Avenger sedan.  This comes after many industry experts predicted that the Avenger would be killed off when the next generation Chrysler midsized sedan was unveiled so to many – this serves as quite a surprise and it leaves us wondering what this new car might be called.

We can fully expect that the next generation midsized Dodge sedan will be better than the Avenger in every way.  Not because the Avenger is a bad car but as one of the oldest options in the Dodge brand lineup – it looks a little dated inside and out.  This car will be similar to the Avenger in the simple fact that it is a sporty midsized but it should clearly differentiate itself in every other way so that brings us to our question of the week.

When this new Dodge sedan arrives, should the Chrysler Group continue on with the Avenger name or should the company exercise the perceived demons of the Avenger name and go with something new and fresh?

There have long been rumors that Dodge could use the Hornet name but it has been expected that the company would use that name for a subcompact that ranges in below the Dart but there has never been any concrete evidence behind those rumors.  The company likes old school names – maybe they will bring back the Stratus…or the Dynasty.

Click here to head into the forum to tell us whether you think that the new midsized Dodge should be called the Avenger or if there should be a new name – or an old school name.

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