NASCAR Releases Testing Photos of Nationwide COTF

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Take a good look at the vague outline of taillights on that
grey mule car from recent NASCAR release photos.  It looks as though this is a sneak peak of
what we can expect to see from the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2009.

While the teams in the Sprint Cup have gone to their “Car of
the Future” with a more equal playing field as far as chassis and body design,
the Car of the Future for the Nationwide series is planned to keep a distinct
manufacturers shape when the final bodies are accepted. 

This picture shows the rear end of what we can safely assume
is the Dodge Challenger entry, and it will be joined by a Toyota Camry, and an
entry from Ford and Chevrolet to be named later on.  Ford’s test photos would appear to be a
Fusion, and there have been rumors that Chevrolet may roll out a Camaro fascia
to do battle with the Challenger, which leads you to wonder why the Mustang
isn’t joining in the NASCAR fun, but time will tell what will happen as we near
the February beginning of the 2009 season.

 The images of this Challenger give hope to many Dodge
die-hard fans who were concerned that Dodge pulling out of the Craftsman Truck
Series may suggest another slide in Dodge Motorsports, but with the popular new
Challenger hitting the track for the Nationwide Series this could bring about a
new chance for Dodge to flex its muscle.

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