Photo of the Week: Donnie’s 91 Ram D150

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red wheel ram 600

Im a sucker for a great looking 1st generation Ram pickup and the 1991 D150 owned by DF member dptyscott is not just great looking but it also has a great story.  The current owner of the truck inherited the 91 Ram D150 when his nephew Donnie passed away and when Donnie’s parents gave the truck to the uncle to restore it.  Based on the results, I am sure that Donnie would be very proud as his truck was transformed into an awesome hot rod truck.

What started as a wrecked 91 Ram D150 in two tone black and silver with red stripes and silver wheels was transformed into a great looking street truck in all black with bright red wheels and matching bright red grille filler.  This truck is super clean and I love the black and red theme so between the results of the build and the backstory behind this great looking Ram – it seemed like a fitted vehicle to feature for our Photo of the Week.

Click here to check out the gallery of Donnie’s Ram with shots of this 91 Ram D150 before, during and after the restoration including a look at the unique Ram logo headliner.


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