Black Fridays: Cummins Powered Charger Funny Car Blasts Down the Track

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cummins charger 600

In my weekly search for crazy Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram trucks blackening the sky, I frequently come across clips of Cummins powered dragsters and this week, we look at a Dodge Charger funny car in action on the drag strip with a heavily modified Cummins tucked under the lightweight composite body.

We don’t know much about this engine shy of the fact that it is said to be a Cummins Turbo Diesel and it is putting some serious torque to the ground under the chassis of this Charger funny car.  After the driver spends some time letting the massive turbochargers spool up with the starting light blazing green, the diesel powered dragster rips away from the line only to lose traction for a split second.  That caused the driver to lift but he climbs back into it and even with more obvious tire spinning as the car screamed down the track – this is one seriously quick diesel powered vehicle.  The launch and traction issues caused this run to be a bit on the slow side and while the time board is hard to read, it appears as though this Charger funny car ran through the 8th mile in the 6 second range.

Of course, this super modified Cummins Turbo Diesel spews tons of thick, black diesel smoke as it rockets down the drag strip so regardless of the fact that the run is far from perfect AND its hard to tell what this Charger ran – there is enough soot pouring from the side exhaust to make this Charger very fitting of our Black Fridays feature.  Enjoy!


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