Photo of the Week: mtnmanpagosa’s 3rd gen Ram Reminds Us Spring is Almost Here

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mtnmanpagosa ram 600

After a long, miserable winter, spring is finally upon us and that means mud – mud which is well displayed on mtnmanpagosa’s 3rd gen Dodge Ram in the latest photo of the week.  We cannot see much of this Ram but that lovely layer of mud that extends clear up to the roof serves as friendly reminder that the spring thaw is on its way.  The DF member who owns this truck claims that he got his Ram this muddy in his driveway and based on how muddy his truck is in this sole image, I’d love to see how much mud he has in his driveway.

Mudding aftermath pictures are always fun and mtnmanpagosa’s Dodge Ram picture is a great example of a quality muddy truck shot.  Between the simple awesomeness of this muddy Ram and the reminder that warm weather is on its way – it was hard not to feature this mud covered Ram as this week’s photo of the week!

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