Pristine 1986 Dodge Conquest is The Business: Video Inside

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There’s no way around it, cool cars line Dodge’s colorful history and I for one, am a huge fan of the 80’s era Dodge Conquests. These boosted beasts shared their platform with the Mitsubishi Starion and rocked the competition thanks to a factory turbocharged 4G54 2.6L four-cylinder engine that was highly tunable and was eager for more boost. They can be made into a serious drag car, drifter or corner carver with ease.

Having seen a few LS swapped examples in my area recently, it sparked my interest in the unique front engine, rear drive sports car of the 1980’s. A quick search unearthed Kris Heefner’s mint 1986 Dodge Conquest that looks killer from top to bottom, inside and out. Under the hood the motor is fortified with a Garrett GT35R turbo huffing up to 30 psi of boost. As clean as the coupe is, Heefner wasn’t afraid to run it though. Despite some soft 2.2 60-foot times, the car still went mid 12s @ 112 mph–that’s cookin’!
When’s the last time you saw a clean Conquest or Starion?

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