Black Fridays: 1st gen Short Bed Ram smokes up the quarter mile

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1st gen rcsb diesel ram 600

There is just something awesome about watching a Cummins Turbo Diesel powered pickup roar down the quarter mile with diesel soot pouring from the stacks and in this video – we get to enjoy a custom built regular cab/short bed 1st generation Ram fitted with a CTD and build specifically for drag racing.  The result is an RCSB half ton old school Ram that rockets down the drag strip in the mid 11 second range with trap speeds nearing 120 miles per hour.

There are quite a few videos of this awesome 1st generation Dodge Ram 150 in action on the drag strip with varying results from the high 12s to the mid 11s.  Unfortunately, the video quality is pretty awful in most of them with a camera operator who has a very hard time keeping track of the action – or standing still while doing so.  In any case, along with being one of the best videos of Ken Porcher’s diesel powered Ram in terms of quality; it is also one of the fastest.

In this run against what appears to be a 1974 Dodge Dart, Ken runs an impressive 11.55 at 118.68 miles per hour and while he does lose the race, his truck is an awesome sight to see running side by side with the classic Mopar muscle….with diesel soot pouring from the single exhaust stack all along the way.


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