Question of the Week: Why isn’t the SRT Viper selling better?

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2014 viper green 600

Although the SRT Viper saw an increase in sales in March 2014 to 67 units, sales have been slower than expected since the car was introduced in early 2013.  Numbers peaked in June and July of 2013 with 97 and 94 units sold respectively and while the company didn’t expect to sell a thousand a month – there is no question that the sales of the new Viper have been a little disappointing.  Chrysler had talked about “only” making 2,000 a year which would amount to roughly 166 units sold per month over the course of the year…numbers which the Viper has never gotten close to going on sale.

2014 viper matte black

For our DodgeForum Question of the Week, we want to know why you think the new SRT Viper isn’t selling better.  While it is expensive with an MSRP starting over $100,000, it is priced comparably to the similarly powerful Corvette ZR1 while also being less expensive than a great many European exotics that the Viper will crush.  Is it the pricing that is causing these slow sales? Does it need more power?  Does the new Viper look too much like the older Viper GTS Coupes?

Click here to head into the forum to tell us why you think the new SRT Viper isn’t selling better.

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